Santen Pharmaceuticals

Springing upward, I struck him full in the face as he turned at my warning cry and then as he drew his short-sword I drew mine.


Santen Pharmaceuticals


Brand Identity
Strategic Roadmap
Packaging Design


How do you make eyedrops look exciting?

Santen Pharmaceuticals wanted to launch an exciting new eye-drop series that combines cutting edge innovations alongside the use of compounds found in nature. In most cases, pharmaceutical products tend to look scientific and functional in their packaging. Santen wanted to find a way to engage consumers and market their latest product as a lifestyle necessity.

A pop of colour

To inject some shelf impact on Santen’s product — named Hydrelo, vibrant colours were added for a purpose — to improve the shelf impact of the packaging amidst a sea of scientific–looking eye-drop brands. Crafted typography to induce a sense of dynamism to the pack.

Hello to Hydration

The end result is a trendy–looking packaging that is sure to grab eyeballs on shelves, and to a younger crowd. The subsequent POSM echoes the packaging design — by injecting bolder colours, organic shapes that stands out from the crowd. Consumer testing were well-received.