Dulux — Far Away Places

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Client: Dorte Mandrup
Date: 2016-04-07
Services: Design, Art Direction, Website


Dulux, AkzoNobel


Campaign Conceptualization
Strategic Roadmap
Campaign Visuals


Making magic for kids

Dulux’s EasyClean has always been the leader in the premium washable paint category in Southeast Asia. To compliment such a product that allows a kid to imagine, we’ve created a product with Dulux that does just that — Far Away Places.

Creating worlds

Paint has a function, but it is also fun. In awe of a child’s boundless imagination, the brand’s ambition was to release even more of their untapped creativity. To do that, we needed to go beyond paint as decoration and a toy, and enter the world of shared experience — both with the child and the parents, something that an entire family can participate.

Beyond walls, imagination

Walls were just the start. Landor brought the world of ‘Far Away Places’ beyond the bedroom with a complete 360-activation strategy, stretching from digital touchpoints to in-store experiences. With a multichannel strategy based entirely on consumer behaviours and shopping journeys, we identified where, when and how to deliver the most engaging and relevant content for each of our creators.